J.S.Bach: Cello Suites filmed in a small orthodox church

These films of the Bach Cello Suites were made in the Church of St. George in Staro Nagoricane, North Macedonia.Built in the 14th century, this church is considered one of the finest examples of Christian churches of its time and is situated on the border between Macedonia and Serbia.

When I first started to play Bach at the age of 7, I imagined playing it in these churches…

Even in the last 30 years, I faced another problem in my wish to play Bach in one of these churches: that the Orthodox Church forbids instrumental music; only singing is allowed. After several unsuccessful attempts I had to accept that this was impossible, but still held on to the dream of doing so one day. Finally, miraculously, it became possible for me to  record in this church – just for a single day! The limitation of one day and one church turned out to be just right for this project!

Xenia Jankovic