Sándor Végh Memorial Concert 2024

12 January 2024 – 6:00 pm
St John’s Hall, Penzance

14 January 2024 – 11:15 am
Holywell Music Room, Oxford

Brahms String Quartet in C minor, Op.51 No.1
Mozart String Quintet in C major, K.515

Kjell-Arne Jorgensen, Ulrike-Anima Mathé, Daniel Phillips, Winfried Rademacher – violin
Tim Boulton, Lila Brown, Iris Juda – viola
Christoph Richter, Xenia Jankovic – cello

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‘‘Love‘‘ CD

Love is a very powerful force. It is fascinating to realize that by cultivating feelings of love within ourselves and by acting out of love we can bring about many positive changes in our society, our planet and our lives. Can we also cultivate our feelings of love by listening to music? Yes, the music can truly open our hearts and horizons, intensify and clarify our feelings by touching us directly and deeply with its mysterious sounds.

This CD is dedicated to love and represents different aspects of love, human love, suffering, joy, humor and play…


Frequent workshops: Jankovic-Method

There are many methods that improve the technical aspect of playing, but very few that show a way to systematically work on the musical aspect and best combine the technical aspect with the musical.

Xenia Jankovic developed a method to understand the importance of the inner attitude, thoughts and feelings in all phases of the technical and musical work on a piece of music and to consciously practice a comprehensive approach.

Working and learning in a team is an important part of working with Jankovic Method.  With Jankovic Method, students develop a personal musical understanding of composers music, combining analytically acquired background knowledge with subjective imagination, inspiration and intuition, as well as technical expression.


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Cello Ensemble Project

Started as a pandemic project, Xenia Jankovic and her Cello class at the Detmold University of music continue their ensemble-arranging work. The project began in the year 2020 with arrangements of Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky, it is now being expanded with 4 more concerto arrangements, which makes a total of 6 cello concertos (Shostakovich No.1 , Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations, Dvorak, Schumann, Elgar and Saint Saens No.1). More content, including the arrangements themselves (soon available on the ‘‘nkoda‘‘ platform), CD recordings + video production of the remaining 4 concertos and much more are coming soon!


J.S.Bach: Cello Suites filmed in a small orthodox church

These films of the Bach Cello Suites were made in the Church of St. George in Staro Nagoricane, North Macedonia.Built in the 14th century, this church is considered one of the finest examples of Christian churches of its time and is situated on the border between Macedonia and Serbia.

When I first started to play Bach at the age of 7, I imagined playing it in these churches…

Even in the last 30 years, I faced another problem in my wish to play Bach in one of these churches: that the Orthodox Church forbids instrumental music; only singing is allowed. After several unsuccessful attempts I had to accept that this was impossible, but still held on to the dream of doing so one day. Finally, miraculously, it became possible for me to  record in this church – just for a single day! The limitation of one day and one church turned out to be just right for this project!

Xenia Jankovic


Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky CD

The Ensemble Inspirimus founded by Xenia Jankovic, plays in many different formations. On this album it is a group of eight successful cellists, all of whom are currently students of Prof. Jankovic at the Detmold University of Music in Germany. During the pandemic in 2021, the extreme situation of the lockdown welded this wonderful group of enthusiastic young musicians into the strong ensemble that they are, full of inspiration and spirit.

Capella Andrea Barca

Xenia Jankovic frequently plays in the Capella Andrea Barca Orchestra. The members of the CAB Orchestra, which are mostly soloists and chamber musicians, play and work with the great pianist Andras Schiff on Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms symphonies, operas and piano concertos in a very detailed, profound and subtle way. These experiences are beautiful and inspiring, where the musicians are experiencing the wonderful way of playing and rehearsing together under the guidance of Andras, sharing the same musical ideas and understanding of the music. Members engage in performances in chamber music ensembles as well. The whole artistic direction is overseen by Sir Andras Schiff.

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‘‘Intonations 10’’ in Berlin

After two years without a live audience, the Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, directed by Elena Bashkirova, will be returning one last time to the atmospheric stage in the Glass Courtyard of the Jewish Museum Berlin. A thrilling, multifaceted festival of chamber music from Classical Vienna to the present.

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Franck and Chopin CD

This recording was made in an especially inspiring environment – the unique view of the surrounding mountains and the Geneva lake, the architecture of the Fallot castle with its fascinating organ in the middle and, most of all, the musical history of these rooms. L. Vierne (organ player and favorite student of C. Franck), E. Ysaÿe (violinist, to whom Franck dedicated his sonata), J. Thibaud (who played Franck in the most authentic way), A. Cortot (one of the most authentic Chopin interpret), P. Casals (one of the greatest cellists) among many other musicians and friends of the Fallot family, were often spending time in the castle and playing in these same rooms. We strongly felt this special spirit and the connection to the music of C. Franck and F. Chopin. 


Prokofiev & Khachaturian CD

Sergei Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante
Aram Khachaturian: Cello Concerto

It is particularly interesting to hear these two cello concertos side by side. Despite their different musical language, both works have a strong theatrical side so typical for Prokofiev’s and also Khachaturian’s music. Both concertos are written in the last years of the Stalin era, within just six years of each other (1946 and 1952), and both are in E minor!
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CAL2076 - Booklet Xenia Jankovitch (1)

Hamlet Trio CD – Franz Schubert: Notturno & Opus 100

51fQrOxglWL._SX355_This recording is made on the period instruments. Schubert Trios are specially moving because of the intimate conversations between the three instruments which touch such profound feelings like deep solitude, love, happiness, fear, mystery of death and many others. And then on the other side the symphonic dimension with the richness of tunes, characters and moods as well as the impressive duration of more than 45 minutes. Schubert’s written dynamics in the E flat major trio are also extreme, reaching triple pianissimo and triple fortissimo.It was fascinating for us as a piano trio to explore these different dimensions, characters, sound colors, dynamics, moods, atmospheres specially playing on the period instruments.

Hamlet Trio – Beethoven CD

For our second cd we have chosen to record Beethoven trios. Once again we had an adventure playing on gut strings, classical bows and the beautiful Salvatore Lagrassa, 1815 piano from the Edwin Beunk collection. As a musician one has individual timing, ones approach to colours, articulation and phrasing which are pretty personal. It could be akin to how one uses language to express oneself. The peculiar effect of using the historic instruments is how one suddenly has a new dialect in a language that one felt relatively at home in. This opens up new expressions and creates a different sound world, every nuance of emotion or thought that has been experienced becomes more rooted, there is more edge, so many small details are more vivid in colour and articulation which gives a very different picture of the whole. Its perhaps close to a restoration of a picture only much of what is restored happens to us!
A recording is but a moment in time, hopefully capturing moments of inspiration.
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Haydn Cello Concertos CD

Haydn CoverI believe we succeeded in creating an interesting and beautiful string version of the Haydn Cello Concertos. I did not play on my Gregorio Antoniazzi instrument (1733 from the workshop of Montagnana) for this concert and recording, but instead on my new Ragnar Hayn Cello from 2010, made in Berlin. It was a great pleasure to play on this instrument, which has a sunny and bright quality of sound, working particularly well with this version of the concertos.
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