Cello Ensemble Projects

The lively musical exchange in practice between professors and students is enormously important and enriching. We are lucky to be able to make music very well together as cellists among ourselves. Cello can imitate all instruments quite well: Flutes, violins, oboes, horns, and double basses. So I practice studying complex symphonic works with the class, which we work on together for our cello ensemble to work through thoroughly and practice together. In this way, we have studied the most important cello concertos in depth over the past few years, edited them, and performed them with solo cello and 7 cellist orchestra. All students and I play alternately as soloists and in the cello orchestra. Our arrangements have already aroused great interest in cellist circles. With the Shostakovich concerto, we had more than a million clicks on Instagram. The well-known sheet music platform Nkoda will publish our arrangements.
Xenia Jankovic